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Forensic Rock is looking for bright, intrinsically motivated, curious, and team-oriented engineers to add to its accident reconstruction roster. What is accident reconstruction? Technically, accident reconstruction is the application of math, physics, and engineering principles to the study of collision events. In a simpler way, we study vehicle accidents, whether those involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, people, or bicycles, and answer questions about them. How fast was the Toyota traveling prior to impact? Could the driver of the Ford observe the pedestrian prior to impact, and was their reaction in the collision appropriate? Is there any electronic data in the Peterbilt that can assist us in determining if the driver fell asleep? This is a job post – a calling actually – for curious and motivated engineering candidates who want to learn the fascinating and dynamic field of accident reconstruction.

Forensic Rock is hiring for the role of an Associate Accident Reconstructionist and Forensic Engineer. This role is like an apprenticeship. That is, you learn how to become an expert in the field of accident reconstruction by working underneath a more experienced recon who shows you what and how they have learned. Then, you both learn more together.

In this role, you will learn the field by:


Obtaining a Part 107 sUAS Drone License and learning how to document vehicles and sites using DJI drones.


Traveling to vehicle inspections and assisting with 3D scanning, vehicle documentation, and photographs of the vehicle.


Learning how to download Event Data Recorders (black boxes) and other electronic data sources in passenger vehicles and heavy trucks.


Learning how to review collision files and summarize materials like police reports, depositions, photographs, and more.


Utilizing accident reconstruction specific software including Leica Register 360, Autodesk Recap Pro, Virtual Crash, VBOX Test Suite, Pix4D, Photomodeler, and more.


Assisting with written reports by providing supporting reconstruction analyses.


Assisting with the development and research of new and novel accident reconstruction concepts through testing and learning how to use data acquisition systems.


Assisting with the preparation of research papers submitted to peer-reviewed journals like the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Collision Magazine.

We are looking for engineers who have the ability to learn – scratch that – the intense desire to keep learning and growing and those who are not afraid to fail and get up again. To learn through research, through doing, through reading, through testing and repeating and failing and modifying again and again and again. We are a firm whose clients hire us because of our technical acumen and continue to work with us because of our ability to communicate our opinions honestly, objectively, and authoritatively. We are invited and honored to present the newest research in the field of accident reconstruction to our peers at national summits. We are hired by top law firms for both the Plaintiff and Defense. We are proud of our heritage and clientele but quick to put our heads down, keep working, and continually try to improve.

We are in a unique working environment due to the ongoing pandemic. A year ago, onboarding an engineer remotely would have seemed like an impossibility. Things have changed, and we change with them. This position will begin as a hybrid work-from-home/inspections-on-the-road/testing-at-the-track position that will transition to an office environment later this year. Your experience level is irrelevant. We will fully train you – over the course of years – to learn, grow, and maximize your strengths while identifying and working on your areas of growth. Years down the road, you will be able to face down withering cross-examination in the toughest adversarial courtroom environments while remaining calm, collected, and in complete control of the jury.

How will we teach you? In the same way we have successfully identified and developed young reconstructionists throughout the years. We learn through doing. Together. Through seeing different cases (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, and more), physically getting our hands on vehicles, and conducting novel testing that we present to our peers. We strike the important balance between humility and confidence. We teach you how to write expert reports, communicate expert opinions, and eventually to testify at depositions and at trials. This isn’t a months-long process. This is learning a lifelong learning process. Please follow the instructions below regarding the application process; this is our first opportunity to evaluate your writing ability.

This is not a typical engineering job. In fact, most engineers don’t even know this career field exists. We are looking for the engineering unicorn; a sharp technical mind married to an ability to come down to Earth and communicate confidently and coherently to non-technical laypeople. You may be raw – we understand that – but we are searching for the best and most talented engineers to join Forensic Rock. Loving the learning process is paramount. Self-starters that receive guidance and then sprint off to learn on their own are who we are looking for.

This position involves travel and flexible working hours due to the 24/7 nature of the job. Sometimes, we get called out to the scene of a collision immediately after it occurs. On average, travel can take up about a week of the month, with overnight and three-day trips common. We provide our clients national service, but long drives (two to six hours one-way) are the most common mode of transportation. This is a position with some physical requirements, the ability to lift about 25 pounds is required. We follow all COVID-19 protocols, offer medical benefits, paid vacation, sick, and holiday time, and will pay for your training. Your starting salary will be based on your experience level. Our physical office is based out of Furlong (Doylestown), Pennsylvania. Inspections will begin at this location.

We are committed to diversity. We encourage candidates from all cultures and backgrounds to apply. A Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering is preferred, although other engineering disciplines (computer, electrical, civil, etc.) will be evaluated. All levels of experience will be considered. You are applying to a company that is growing quickly, organically and has a start-up culture and vision. We do not sacrifice quality, however, for rapid growth. You will need to hit the ground running, however, to help us manage our workload.

What can you expect in the interview process? One, don’t bother applying without a cover letter (generic cover letters don’t cut it). This is the first step in the application process and allows us to evaluate your persuasive writing ability (convince us you are the right candidate for the job!). Two, a Zoom interview if your resume and cover letter are interesting. Pass that round? A case study to evaluate your ability to technically communicate opinions. The final round? Presenting in person in a courtroom-like environment to evaluate your ability to handle pressure and to simply communicate technical opinions.

We are excited to meet you.

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