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Meet the Team

Forensic Rock is composed of hard-working and dedicated individuals specializing in testing, accident reconstruction, forensic visualization, photogrammetry, sUAS, commercial vehicles, and more. Scroll on to view videos of our employees in their element.

Bill Ward

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Dino Handzic

Test Engineer

Victoria Lieber

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Derrick Tate

Forensic Animator

Nicholas Martin

Test Engineer

Christina Pfaff

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Seidl

sUAS Specialist & Field Technician

Sundar Raman Nagarajan

Automotive Collision Engineer

Eric McAlman

Associate Accident Reconstructionist & Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Roberto Aguirre

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Peyton Patrick-Moline

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Shubham Takbhate

Visualization Engineer

Amanda McKenney

Associate Accident Reconstructionist & Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Robert Bella

Case Manager

Lan Tomasi

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

​​Shawn Harrington

Principal & Founder

(215) 620-1288

Shawn founded the firm Forensic Rock in 2019 to singularly focus on the dynamic fields of accident reconstruction & ADAS. Throughout his career, he has served as a nationally renowned expert in the fields of accident reconstruction and ADAS. Shawn has testified in state and federal courts throughout the country and has analyzed thousands of cases involving passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, ADAS, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and more. Shawn possesses a CDL, inspects and drives heavy trucks, volunteers as a firefighter, conducts accident reconstruction research, and writes and reviews peer-reviewed papers for authorities like the SAE and Collision Magazine. He has a wonderful wife and two young boys who star in his crash testing videos. Here is his CV.

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