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Forensic Rock

We kick off 2024 by welcoming Lan Tomasi & Robert Bella to the team at Forensic Rock!

We are an intensely driven firm devoted to the dynamic fields of accident reconstruction and ADAS. Leveraging a culture steeped in research-based expertise, Forensic Rock combines a passion for mining answers while communicating simply, authoritatively, and effectively. We believe that curiosity is our best asset; the desire to search, learn, test, apply, rinse and repeat forms the backbone of our experiential ethos. We thrive on the largest stages, whether it is presenting next-generation research to hundreds of our peers or on the stand facing…how do we put this professionally…adversarial (ahem) cross-examination in the Bronx. (We won, by the way).

Our Team

Our Team

Case Manager

Robert Bella

Test Engineer

Dino Handzic

Associate Accident Reconstructionist & Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Amanda McKenney

Automotive Collision Engineer

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Peyton Patrick-Moline

Chief Operations Officer

Christina Pfaff

sUAS Specialist & Field Technician

Michael Seidl

Visualization Engineer

Shubham Takbhate

Forensic Animator

Derrick Tate

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Lan Tomasi

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Bill Ward

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