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Forensic Rock

We welcome our FR Class of 2024: Lan Tomasi, Jake Seidl, Chrstina Sims, Chad Evans, and Matt Tarczewski!

We are an intensely driven firm devoted to the dynamic fields of accident reconstruction and ADAS. Leveraging a culture steeped in research-based expertise, Forensic Rock combines a passion for mining answers while communicating simply, authoritatively, and effectively. We believe that curiosity is our best asset; the desire to search, learn, test, apply, rinse and repeat forms the backbone of our experiential ethos. We thrive on the largest stages, whether it is presenting next-generation research to hundreds of our peers or on the stand facing…how do we put this professionally…adversarial (ahem) cross-examination in the Bronx. (We won, by the way).

Our Team

Our Team

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Chad Evans

Test Engineer

Dino Handzic

Internal Operations

Rhiannon Harrington

Associate Accident Reconstructionist & Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Amanda McKenney

Automotive Collision Engineer

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Peyton Patrick-Moline

Chief Operations Officer

Christina Pfaff

Visualization Specialist & Field Technician

Jake Seidl

sUAS Specialist & Field Technician

Michael Seidl

Case Manager

Christina Sims

Test Engineer

Shubham Takbhate

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Matt Tarczewski

Forensic Animator

Derrick Tate

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Lan Tomasi

Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Bill Ward

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